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Marketing ROI #3

State of Marketing Management Report finds that marketers need to do more work to effectively measure marketing ROI.

A research study published in December 2012 and conducted by ifbyphone, a Chicago-based developer of voice-based marketing automation platforms marketers reported on marketers' difficulty in measuring ROI for various types of marketing communications.

Some of the findings are not really surprising, i.e., PR has always been a challenge. But what strikes me about the findings is what could be the real issue. Are marketers establishing realistic, quantifiable measures to begin with? If the metrics are vague or naive, they will not measurable. Believe it or not many marketers expect a direct line between the tactic and the sale. Almost never happens that way. Exposure, when successful, usually generate an inquiry or lead. It is up to marketing to have a tracking mechanism and plan in place to understand the value of the lead and how to nurture it toward the sale.                                                          

  •  E-mail marketing: ~53% of respondents report difficulty measuring ROI

  •  Direct mail campaigns: ~59% report difficulty

  •  Online advertising: ~60% report difficulty

  •  Print advertising campaigns: ~66% report difficulty

  •  Tradeshow marketing: ~72% report difficulty

  •  Social media: ~74% report difficulty

  •  Search engine optimization: ~76% report difficulty

  •  Public relations: ~82% report difficulty

​The survey found some correlation between the types of marketing tools utilized and greater ability to measure ROI. The most popular tools used by the survey respondents included these five:

  • Web analytics: ~48% utilize

  • e-Mail marketing software analytics: ~47%

  • Lead counts from online contact forms: ~38%

  • Social media monitoring: ~30%

  • Call tracking: ~27%


If your brand is getting tired and needs revitalization and more effective marketing communications, Casey Communications has the experience and track record that can help you increase value from current customers, win new customers and be a market leader.

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