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I have been a member of LinkedIn since about the time it surfaced. I’ve found it a useful business tool and I’m on it at least several, or more, times a week.

I have also joined a number of Groups - ROI, CRM Experts, Healthcare Marketing, Medical Devices, CMO Club, Consultants Network, etc. I probably got carried away at some point and joined more groups than I can possibly participate in. But I scan most of the info emails and if I see a topic of interest, I’ll comment. But more often, I scan the email and delete.

Have I gotten some good information from these Groups? Occasionally. I still keep looking for insights but not many to be had. I see that some group sponsors put in a good deal of time priming the pump. In fact, there are a few group where I’ve wondered if the sponsor is being paid?


So, being new to ME but having opinions I thought I would start up a group. I am sincerely interested in getting marketing professional to offer their opinions and views on Portland Maine Marketing. My first post - last week - was seeking opinions on whether people thought Maine is an undervalued brand on the regional, domestic and global stage. I have thought so for a few years. I’m thinking that if enough people share my view, maybe as a marketing community we can organize to address and change things. If views are that it’s not an issue, well, maybe I’ll rethink my position.

So, it has been a week and not a single comment. Maybe people are like me and just don’t have the time to read all of the information sent to them by the groups they’ve joined, and certainly don’t have time to respond.

I’ll will continue to prime the pump and see what happens.

Update - Since this blog entry, my Group has become fairly active and responsive. I can't say I've gotten a satisfying response to my first post. But the Group has grown to 250 members and occasionally something interesting appears. I've also connected with a number of members and gotten to know a few.

February 21, 2013


Update - There are currently 390 members of the Group.

October 29, 2014

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