With the announcement that the ICANN will begin allowing virtually any new domain name next year I expect a rush to an important new level of brand marketing.

Names won’t come cheap for most but for major brands the price tag - $185k - is a modest investment. And the opportunity is substantial. For one thing it will make remembering domain names much easier - www.ford.taurus. You will also see url’s more prominent in advertising and promotion.

Marketers know that the first destination for consumers seeking info on a product is the website. So, proprietary domain names will steer consumers to precisely the info they are looking for, which has the potential for more effective engagement and involvement - www.ford.taurus_colors.

We should all be keeping an eye on this development. It most assuredly give rise to other creative communications opportunities.


If your brand is getting tired and needs revitalization and more effective marketing communications, Casey Communications has the experience and track record that can help you increase value from current customers, win new customers and be a market leader.

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