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Examples of work we've done for our clients.

Applied Biosystems products were used to complete the draft sequence of the human genome - a monumental event and a tipping point in the history of medicine. The Brand had been a beacon in the pre-genome period. What would it stand for in the new era?

Jim led the marketing agency team in positioning AB's brand for the future. He was part of AB's senior management team responsible for the global initiative.

Mellon Corporation acquired investment management firm Boston Company and used its model to reposition Mellon's private asset management division. Jim was project manager for the management consulting firm and responsible for the development of the sales strategies and tactics to launch Mellon Private Asset Management.

Operon specializes in temporary labor recruitment and management, exclusively in the healthcare products field, which includes medical devices, life sciences and biotech.
Following four years of significant growth Operon was poised to expand nationally but needed a brand rehab to better focus the company and marketing. Jim led the team through a comprehensive strategic assessment of the brand as the basis for refining Operon’s market position and to more accurately reflect its unique value proposition. 

Helicos Bioscience holds the patent on ‘True Single Molecule Sequencing', a revolutionary technology for gene sequencing. TSMS has increased the speed of sequencing an order of magnitude and is driving the cost down from millions to thousands. Jim led the team that developed the brand strategy and subsequent investor communications strategy, which resulted in a successful IPO.

A popular cosmetic and toiletries brand in the U.S. in the1960's, investment bank Wasserstein Parella acquired Yardley of London with the goal of reintroducing the brand to U.S. consumers.
Jim was a member of the consultant team that developed the business plan, positioning, marketing strategies and staging plan for the reintroduction. 

An innovative regional discount retailer with over 350 stores east of the Mississippi. As a part of its chain-wide service strategy Zayre implemented the industry's first market segmentation targeted at the African-American, Hispanic and Senior market segments. Jim was project director at the ad agency, responsible for strategic communications planning, advertising development and execution.

Kitchen, etc. was a 5-store New England-based retailer of housewares and dinnerware. The owners undertook an aggressive positioning and growth strategy. Jim was a part of the team that developed the repositioning and store development strategy which included brand look & feel and store prototype.

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